Betsy’s Priorities for Fort Worth

“It’s an honor to serve as mayor of my hometown, and I want you to know what’s important to me as I continue to work with you, our City Council, our city staff and other leaders to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Here are my major points of focus in the years to come.”

Mayor Betsy Price

Reducing the tax burden and improving customer service

  • I have made it a personal mission to find inefficiencies at City Hall, making sure every tax dollar counts, ultimately giving us the opportunity to reduce the tax burden on homeowners. We’ve cut the municipal property tax rate three times during my time as mayor, and I hope to continue that trend.
  • I will continue to work with citizens, business leaders and city staff to cut red tape and improve customer service at City Hall. By investing in new technologies, improving permitting processes and improving the ways citizens can engage with City Hall, we will ensure Fort Worth is a partner—not an impediment—to those who have business with the city.

Supporting our public schools and building the workforce of the future

  • A strong city requires a competitive and diverse workforce—and that begins with high-quality education opportunities. I remain committed to continuing our work to promote quality public education for all students through efforts like Read Fort Worth, an unprecedented coalition of businesses, civic, education, philanthropic, nonprofit and volunteer leaders to ensure that 100 percent of Fort Worth third-graders are reading to learn by 2025.
  • Access to quality, affordable childcare is a significant hurdle for many families, and I will continue to build partnerships to promote this important service and allow more citizens to enter the workforce, knowing their children are being safely cared for and nurtured.
  • Fort Worth must be active in attracting good-paying jobs for its growing workforce, and I remain committed to leading strategic initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, support small business growth and recruit major corporations in order to serve all levels of the workforce.
  • I remain committed to working with both public and private partners to find employment and housing solutions that allow those struggling through poverty or homelessness to get back on their feet and on a meaningful path to self-sufficiency.

Strengthening all Fort Worth neighborhoods

  • All citizens deserve to live in safe, clean and healthy neighborhoods. I will continue to support initiatives to enhance police and fire services and use strategic public investment in communities of need to eliminate blight, reduce crime and encourage private redevelopment.
  • I will continue to promote our urban development strategy to strengthen the city’s urban core, promote new residential and retail development and bring citizens back into the central city while still providing quality city services to those who prefer to live outside Loop 820.
  • I strongly believe in the power of community policing, and I will continue to champion these programs while also ensuring our police officers, marshals and firefighters have the training and tools they need to protect our communities.

Expanding mobility options to promote opportunity and mitigate traffic congestion

  • The extraordinary population growth in Fort Worth poses significant mobility challenges for our citizens and our visitors. I will continue to work with all of our partners and stakeholders on creative solutions to expand and maintain a safe road network across our city.
  • As the population density increases, especially in our city’s urban core, I will maintain my focus on building a robust and accessible transportation system that supports all forms of transportation.
  • Fort Worth must have a strong public transit system that includes convenient bus and rail service. I will continue to fight for public transit options that expand safe and convenient connections between Fort Worth neighborhoods and business centers throughout our Metroplex.

Promoting a healthy, active and engaged public

  • A healthy city is a productive city, and I will continue to do everything I can to promote healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices easy for both adults and children in every part of our city.
  • I believe in the vision of our young leaders, and I will continue to promote initiatives—such as SteerFW—to actively engage our young people in solving local challenges and create the kind of city they envision.
  • I will continue to be creative in generating fun and engaging opportunities that allow citizens to conveniently connect with me through our successful walking, rolling, caffeinated and virtual town halls. It’s your Fort Worth!