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“You can't lead Fort Worth by sitting behind a desk at City Hall.”

- Betsy Price

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“As your Mayor, I’ve taken a boots-on-the-ground approach to leading our city. I believe you can’t protect taxpayers, strengthen neighborhoods, improve schools and reduce crime by sitting behind a desk at City Hall. Only by bringing people together from every part of our city can we continue Fort Worth’s positive momentum.”

- Betsy Price

Betsy Knocks on Doors

Champion for Taxpayers

Mayor Price works to find inefficiencies at City Hall and make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely, giving us the opportunity to reduce the tax burden on homeowners.

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Strong Neighborhoods

To promote safe, clean and healthy neighborhoods. Mayor Price supports initiatives to enhance police and fire services, provide quality roads and encourage private redevelopment.

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Betsy teaching school children

Advocate for Education

Mayor Price is working with parents and educators in all parts of Fort Worth to make sure every child has access to quality academic opportunities from cradle to career.

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